On October 1, the University of Victoria's Enviornmental Law Club will be hosting a great, timely event featuring two writers who have done so much to expose critical issues around our oil/energy use.

Rachel Carson Environment Book Award winner, Andrew Nikiforuk, latest book, The Energy of Slaves: Oil and the New Servitude has just been published, and will serve as the backdrop for a shocking account about where our enslavement to oil-consuming machines (our energy slaves) is taking us.

Terry Glavin, winner of the Lieutenant Governor's Award for Literary Excellence, will then follow up Andrew's presentation with an eye-opening account of how Canada's oil and natural gas resources and some of the country's leadin energy companies are bein gobbled up or are at threat of being gobbled up by China's state-owned petro companies.

As the debate over the proposed Enbridge oil pipeline and a dramatically expanded Kinder Morgan oil pipeline intensifies, British Columbia stands to become a conduit for shipping huge amounts of unprocessed Alberta bitumen to China, which is doing brisk energy business with some of the most corrupt regimes in the middle east including Sudan and Iran.

This promises to be a great event. It will be held at the Law School's Fraser Building in Room 159, beginning at 7 p.m.